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Fuckpass VR website

Basic Facts About Fuck Pass VR

Site: Fuck Pass VR

Videos: By my math, it looks like Fuck Pass VR has a bit over 100 videos.

Specialty: Fuck Pass VR calls their scenes destinations. Their creative concept works like this: you get to visit different destinations and fuck a woman there. I love this idea. It’s fun. I fucked Luna Wolfs in Belgium. It was awesome.

Luna Wolfs VR porn FuckPass VR

5 Fuck Pass VR Pornstar Examples: Lauren Phillips, Kay Lovely, Jazmin Luv, Chloe Temple and Jessica Starling. I like that line-up!

FuckPass VR in their own words: “FuckPassVR offers an extensive and growing library featuring the Best VR Porn Videos from around the world. Not only do we feature 4k VR Porn but we push the limits of Virtual Reality with 6k and 8k.

Here at FuckPassVR we send you to exotic locations to meet virtual reality pornstars who know exactly what type of vr porn you need. Virtually travel to North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, Africa and Asia to experience the best vr sex from the hottest xxx pornstars.”

Downside: I’m a big fan of Fuck Pass VR. I don’t see much of a downside unless you’re not after conventional B/G VR porn scenes.

Frequency of sales: I see a sale pop-off every now and then.

FuckPass VR Best Deal: With this special link you can get a month of Fuck Pass VR for $12.95 and a year for $6/month. Best deal you’re going to find on Fuck Pass VR, my friends.

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