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Lethal Harcore VR Basic Facts

Site: Lethal Hardcore VR

Videos: It’s not clear exactly how many scenes are in the Lethal Hardcore VR library. I feel we can safely say they have over 300.

Specialty: The specialty is perverted VR porn. You’ll get baby sitters and parole officers and shoplifters and full-fledged coercion. This is the perviest VR porn studio. If you want pervy, look no further.

5 LethalHardcore VR Pornstar Examples: Brianna Banderas, Kasey Miller, Coco LoveCock, Chloe Surreal and Jessica Starling. And, we can’t leave out gorgeous Lexi Lore pictured below.

Lexi Lore VR Porn for Lethalhardcore VR

Lethal Hardcore VR in their own words: They don’t describe themselves. So, I’ll tell you that LethalHardcore scenes love playing around with coercion, deception and arguably immoral type of themes. I’m not knocking it. It’s damn fun stuff. I do think they could do a better job with the website and branding, though.

Downside: These scenes aren’t going to be for everyone. It’s hard for me to explain who it is for…I personally am a big fan. You have to like perverted narratives that really challenge traditional morality and conventional values.

Frequency of sales: Not often

LethalHardcore VR Best Deal: The best LethalHardcore deal, without a doubt, is our special discount where you can take a month for $11.99.

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